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My name is Annemarie Hoogwoud, born and raised in Amsterdam and now, after some wanderings, living in Friesland. My passion for photography started when I was 15 years old and I watched slides of desolate and lonely Iceland and Greenland night after night with my neighbor. He was an amateur photographer and introduced me into his world of photography. He gave me my first camera.

I like to bring everything that happens back to the essence: what is the issue here and what do I really see? In a sometimes hectic, restless and harsh world, I hope that my images inspire you to stand still and to reflect. By taking the time you will see more and see differently.

I use light, color and composition in such a way that the softness is emphasized and that the beauty of the world unfolds naturally.

I sell my photo art to companies and individuals and give lectures.

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  • 2017 Exhibiting and Selling landscape images, Charlie Waite and Luke Whitaker, Light and Land, England
  • 2015 FlowerPhotography, Sue Bishop & Charlie Waite, Light and Land, The Netherlands
  • 2013 Landscape Photography, Charlie Waite, Light and Land, England
  • 2011 Urban Development, Imagelab, Amsterdam
  • 2010 Landscape Photography, Bas Meelker Photography, The Netherlands
  • 2007 Landscape & Architecture photography, Fotovakschool Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
  • 2006 Workflow Digital Photography, NIDF, The Netherlands
  • 1998-2001 Vakopleiding Fotografie, Fotovakschool, Apeldoorn