annemarie hoogwoud – visual artist

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”— Maya Angelou


Annemarie Hoogwoud (1962), born and raised in Amsterdam, lives and works in the north, in Friesland. She is 15 years old when her neighbor takes her into his world of (landscape) photography. She gets her first camera from him. Since then, the camera has not left her life.

After completing the professional photography training at the Dutch Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn in the late 1990s, she follows various in-depth courses in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In those early years she is mainly concerned with recording the design of the landscape; she photographs from the outside in with an accurate portrayal of what she sees as a goal. Gradually that starts to change and she started shooting more and more from the inside out, using the landscape as a means of expressing how she sees and feels about it.

With Bailey & Chinnery (UK) in particular, she discovers the abstraction and poetic sides of her great love, the landscape. Since then, these have been her starting points for the creations of her work. In addition, the combination of word and image characterizes her work.

In 2018 she published her book The Quest – a photographic journey based on the novel Night train to Lisbon. With this work she exhibits in Amsterdam.

In 2022 she will complete her one-year in-depth course at Bailey & Chinnery, and will exhibit at Rotterdam Photo and Gallery The Horsebridge, Whitstable UK.

Annemarie works on commission, gives lectures, organizes workshops and exhibits in galleries.

Artist statement

“By taking the time I will see more and look differently”.

Taking time is the common thread in my work. Both in my free work and my work on assignment.

Inspired by the beauty as I experience it in the story of a client, in the visual arts, novels, poems and music, I use my camera in search of the essence of what touches me, I see and experience. To discover what it is about for me. The inspirations often take shape and content in the landscape.

I use various camera- en print techniques for this. This creates unusual images. Images that tell the story, images that ask to take the time, images that call for reflection.

By working in series, I get to the essence and I be able to visualize and articulate the story in its full scope

In a sometimes hectic, restless and hard world, I hope that my art inspires you to stand still, evoke an emotion and invite you to reflect on what is seen.

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photo: Jeannette Wouthuis Fotografie

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