I feel at home in the landscape

When I was 15 years old my neighbor introduced me into his world of photography. Night after night I watched slides from his travels to Iceland and Greenland. I got my first camera from him. There, during those evenings, my passion for landscape and my passion for photography started. By looking at those beautiful far away landscapes I ended up in a different world. That this can be achieved with photography fascinated me.

I have been working as a landscape photographer since 2000. In those early years I was mainly concerned with recording the design of the landscape; I photographed from the outside in with the landscape as the goal. Gradually that started to change and I started shooting more and more from the inside out, using the landscape as a means. The pure beauty of the landscape, its essence, its abstraction and its poetic sides have been my starting points ever since.

In my work I portray the beauty of the everyday landscape in an unusual way. This creates an image that shows a different view of the landscape: an image that asks you to reflect on. The story that the image tells the viewer, then unfolds itself.

I am inspired by English photographers, such as Charlie Waite, Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey. In addition, the beauty as I experience it in visual art, novels, poems and music is a great source of inspiration.

In a sometimes hectic, restless and harsh world, I hope that my images inspire to stand still, evoke an emotion and invite you reflect on what you see.

By taking the time you will see more and look differently.

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Photo: Jeannette Wouthuis Fotografie

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