artist statement

Look as slowly as you can

We live in such a hectic and fast-paced world that we hardly take the time to perceive and register anything properly. Even before we can absorb our environment - the landscape in which we find ourselves, with attention, we are already working on the next thing.

Pure beauty I can find in nature as well as in poetry, literature or philosophy, as well as genuine attention are the sources from which I draw inspiration. With my camera, I then take the time to look differently and to see more, hence connecting with the landscape. I try to slow down time in order to take a closer look and to establish a real connection with the landscape I want to photograph. This connection is necessary in order to get to the emotions this landscape evokes in me. In this process all I need is time and stillness in order to figure out what those emotions are telling me and how to translate that into an image.

Thanks to the process of standing still and slowing down I create an abstraction from reality. Images emerge that refer to themes such as consciousness, time, desire and slowness. These images invite the viewer to explore her or his own memories, emotions and desires. An emotion is like an abstract feeling: you don’t always know where it comes from and what it represents. 

Within the abstraction you feel the simplicity, the layering and wonder that are the essences of my work. 

'Life is not what we live; it is what we imagine we are living' [Pascal Mercier]. And for that, it helps to look as slowly as possible.

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