2023 Interview Time vanishes form the landscape, Magazine Noorderbreedte

2023 Article Time vanishes from the landscape, Frisian Newspaper 

2022 Article 'when the soul is at play'and cover photo DIGIT magazine The Royal Photographic Society

2021 Book Pronkjewail, a new school landscape in the earthquake area of Northeast Groningen

2021 interview Focus magazine

2021 interview the quest - jouster newspaper

2017 photography for Fluid Landscape, about the future of the Frisian landscape

2016 photography for Foar in mooi Fryslân, 6 years team Spatial Quality of the Province of Fryslân

2014 interviewPf magazine

2014 interview Digifoto Pro

2013 photography for annual edition Landscape architecture and Urban design

2012 photo book LTO Noord, visie op agrarisch Flevoland

2010 Fotoboek MFA Warns

2009 photography for Advies- en Werkboek De Nije Pleats yn Fryslân, Province of Fryslân

2008 photo book ROC friese poort Sneek

2007 photography for Streekplan Fryslân

2006 photography for ROMTE, the future of the frisian landscape

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